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Keturah: Quiz


Question 1: The contrary view (that Keturah was someone other than Hagar) is advocated by Rashbam, ________, Radak, and Ramban.
TorahAbraham ibn EzraKabbalahBible

Question 2: Some, but not all, ________ identify Keturah with Hagar, stating that Abraham sought her out after Sarah's death.
Jewish eschatologyJewish philosophyNevi'imKabbalah

Question 3: Keturah is referred to as "Abraham's concubine" in the Bible,[2] probably to indicate that she was not considered to be of the same dignity as Sarah, the mother of the "chosen son", ________.
EberJacobEnoch (Biblical figure)Isaac

Question 4: [5][6][7] This interpretation is set forth in the Midrash[8] and is supported by Rashi, ________, Keli Yakar, and Obadiah of Bertinoro.
Judah Loew ben BezalelKabbalahJudaismHasidic Judaism


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