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Ketorolac: Quiz


Question 1: Ketorolac is not recommended for ________ analgesia because it has not been adequately tested for obstetrical administration and has demonstrable fetal toxicity in laboratory animals.
ObstetricsGynaecologySurgeryReproductive medicine

Question 2:
What is the elimination half life of Ketorolac?
3.5-9.2 hrs, young adults; 4.7-8.6 hrs, elderly
10 hrs
5u20138 hours in young adults, 12u201313 hours in the elderly.
2.4-9.3 hrs

Question 3: It should be noted that when administered intravenously through the same IV catheter as ________, the two drugs have been known to sometimes combine to form a precipitate in the IV, which may block the line.

Question 4: Syntex and Allergan sued Apotex for patent infringement of US ________ No.
European patent lawSoftware patentPatentPatent application

Question 5: Line flushing with a syringe of ________ can push the blockage through.
DehydrationSaline (medicine)Intravenous therapyOral rehydration therapy

Question 6: Ketorolac acts by inhibiting the bodily synthesis of ________.
OxytocinProstaglandin analogueProstaglandinEpinephrine

Question 7: Ketorolac is not recommended for long-term ________ patients.
HeadacheChronic painPain scalePain management

Question 8: The protein-binding effect of most non-________ NSAIDs is inhibited by the presence of aspirin in the blood.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugIbuprofenAspirinDiclofenac

Question 9: Ketorolac is not available on the ________.
Australian SenateAustralian dollarPharmaceutical Benefits SchemeAustralia

Question 10: However, ketorolac has been co-administered with ________ and morphine without apparent adverse effects on patients.

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