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Question 1: However, many ________, such as Microsoft Word, do not enable kerning by default, although some have the option to enable kerning.
WordPerfectGNU TeXmacsWord processorMicrosoft Word

Question 2: ________ enabled kerning by default with version 2.2.
OpenSolarisJava (programming language)OpenOffice.orgLinux

Question 3: kerning—less commonly, mortising — is the process of adjusting white spacing in a ________.
TypefaceOpenTypeComputer fontTypographic ligature

Question 4: Kerning classes can be used in ________ fonts, and applications that support this feature.
TrueTypeTypefaceComputer fontOpenType

Question 5: In the days when all type was cast ________, a corner was notched to a consistent height on one or both sides of a letter-piece.
MetalNonmetalHalogenNoble gas


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