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Question 1: Keratoconus is amongst the ophthalmic conditions that exhibit a scissor reflex action of two bands moving toward and away from each other like the blades of a pair of ________.

Question 2: The progression of keratoconus is rapid in patients having ________.
Trisomy 18Turner syndromeXYY syndromeDown syndrome

Question 3: The patient may initially experience ________ and fluctuation of vision, in common with other forms of refractive surgery.
ConjunctivitisPhotophobiaPathologic nystagmusUveitis

Question 4: The predominant ________ of the eye as an optical system in keratoconus is the so-called coma.
AstigmatismLens (optics)Chromatic aberrationOptical aberration

Question 5: When this occurs, a ________ can become urgently necessary to avoid complete rupture and resulting loss of the eye.
Immunosuppressive drugSurgeryCorneal transplantationHematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Question 6: These factors act to form regions on the cornea that map an image to different locations on the ________ and give rise to the symptom of monocular polyopia.
Iris dilator muscleScleraCiliary muscleRetina

Question 7: This early surgical option for myopia has been largely superseded by ________ and other similar procedures.
Eye surgeryPhotorefractive keratectomyLASIKCataract surgery

Question 8: ________ are ongoing, but crosslinking is seeing increasing adoption by the ophthalmological community, and has shown success in treating early cases of the disease.
Clinical trialClinical trial protocolMedical researchPlacebo-controlled study

Question 9: It is typically diagnosed in the patient's ________ years and attains its most severe state in the twenties and thirties.
PubertyAdolescenceDevelopmental psychologyAdult

Question 10: The procedure, carried out on an outpatient basis under ________, offers the benefit of being reversible and even potentially exchangeable as it involves no removal of eye tissue.
CocaineLocal anesthesiaLocal anestheticAnesthesia

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