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Kenya Vision 2030: Quiz


Question 1: It was announced on June 10, 2008, that the ________ of Isiolo, will be the first project to be developed.
MunicipalityProvinceDistrictIndependent city

Question 2: [1] The targeted sectors are tourism, ________, manufacturing, trade, information technology, and financial services.
AgricultureIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 3: The plan aims to produce annual ________ rates of 10%.
Economic inequalityAustrian SchoolEconomic growthEconomics

Question 4: Kenya Vision 2030 is an ________ plan by the Kenyan government to develop several different economic zones in various parts of the country.
Gross domestic productEconomicsEconomyEconomic development

Question 5: The Kenyan Government announced during the ________ in Beijing that they plan to place a bid for the 2028 Olympic Games as part of Kenya Vision 2030.
China at the 2008 Summer OlympicsRussia at the 2008 Summer Olympics2008 Summer OlympicsUnited States at the 2008 Summer Olympics


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