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Ken MacLeod: Quiz


Question 1: Ken MacLeod at the ________
Online general-interest book databasesCory DoctorowFacebookScience fiction

Question 2: MacLeod graduated from ________ with a degree in zoology and has worked as a computer programmer and written a masters thesis on biomechanics.
University of EdinburghUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of BirminghamUniversity Marine Biological Station Millport

Question 3: He is part of a new generation of British science fiction writers, who specialise in ________ and space opera.
Future historyAlternate historyScience fiction magazineHard science fiction

Question 4: Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? (The New Space Opera, 2007) – nominated for ________
Hugo Award for Best NovellaNebula Award for Best Short StoryHugo Award for Best NoveletteHugo Award for Best Short Story

Question 5: His contemporaries include Stephen Baxter, Iain M. Banks, ________, Adam Roberts, Charles Stross, Richard Morgan and Liz Williams.
Revelation Space universeDavid G. HartwellGardner DozoisAlastair Reynolds

Question 6: [1] His novels often explore socialist, communist and anarchist political ideas, most particularly the variants of ________ and anarcho-capitalism or extreme economic libertarianism.
MarxismFourth InternationalCominternTrotskyism

Question 7: Ken MacLeod (born 2 August 1954), an award-winning Scottish science fiction writer, lives in South Queensferry near ________.
GlasgowEdinburghCardiffNew Town, Edinburgh

Question 8: A future programmers union is called "International Workers of the World Wide Web", or the Webblies, a reference to the ________, who are nicknamed the Wobblies.
Anarcho-syndicalismIndustrial Workers of the WorldSyndicalismTimeline of labor issues and events

Question 9: Technical themes encompass singularities, divergent human ________ and post-human cyborg-resurrection.
Talcott ParsonsSociocultural evolutionUnilineal evolutionSociology


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