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Question 1: During the ________ the Duke-Abbey and Imperial City came under Bavarian rule (1802–03).
Napoleon IFirst French EmpireNapoleonic WarsGrande Armée

Question 2: This church is acknowledged as the first major church construction in ________ after the Thirty Years' War.

Question 3: After several ravages by the ________, Ulrich of Augsburg, bishop of Augsburg and also abbot of Kempten, began the rebuilding of the monastery and the city in 941.
RomaniaHungarian peopleEuropeHungary

Question 4: The city has been connected to the national rail network since 1852 and currently boasts good Intercity and ________ rail connections.

Question 5: Kempten im Allgäu is the largest city in Allgäu, a region in the south-west of ________, Germany.

Question 6: The Greek geographer ________ mentions in 50 BC a town of the Celtic Estiones named Kambodunon.

Question 7: The area was possibly settled originally by ________, but was later overtaken by the Romans, who called the town Cambodunum.
GaulsCeltic languagesGaulCelts

Question 8: In 15 BC Roman troops led by Nero Claudius Drusus and his brother ________ conquered and destroyed an existing Celtic city.

Question 9: More conflict arose after the Imperial City converted to Protestantism in direct opposition to the ________ monastery (and Free City) in 1527.
CatholicEcumenical councilCatholicismBishop

Question 10: The city was again destroyed in AD 233 by the ________, a Suebic tribe.
Germanic peoplesAlamanniLombardsFranks


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