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Kelvin: Quiz


Question 1: From a scientific point of view, this will link temperature to the rest of ________ and result in a stable definition that is independent of any particular substance.
Metric systemConversion of unitsInternational System of UnitsSystems of measurement

Question 2: The so-called Johnson–Nyquist noise of discrete resistors and capacitors is a type of thermal noise derived from the ________ and can be used to determine the noise temperature of a circuit using the Friis formulas for noise.
EnergyThermodynamic temperatureBoltzmann constantEntropy

Question 3: The Kelvin scale and the kelvin are named after the Belfast-born physicist and engineer ________ (1824–1907), who wrote of the need for an "absolute thermometric scale".
Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinJames Prescott JouleIsaac Newton

Question 4: Unlike the degree Fahrenheit and ________, the kelvin is not referred to as a "degree", nor is it typeset with a degree symbol; that is, it is written K and not °K.
JoulePascal (unit)CelsiusWeber (unit)

Question 5: The Kelvin scale is a thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale referenced to ________, the theoretical absence of all thermal energy.
Absolute zeroEntropyCarbonGibbs free energy

Question 6: Color temperature is based upon the principle that a ________ radiator emits light whose color depends on the temperature of the radiator.
SunBlack bodyPhotonPlanck's law

Question 7: The kelvin is often used in the measure of the ________ of light sources.
HolographyPhotographyRGB color modelColor temperature

Question 8: In astronomy, the stellar classification of stars and their place on the ________ are based, in part, upon their surface temperature, known as effective temperature.
Binary starHertzsprung–Russell diagramStellar evolutionMain sequence

Question 9: The kelvin (symbol: K) is a unit increment of temperature and is one of the seven ________.
MetrePlanck constantSI base unitKilogram

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