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Question 1: Giant kelp in the ________.
Chaffee Zoological GardensCabrillo Marine AquariumBirch AquariumMonterey Bay Aquarium

Question 2:
What classis does Kelp belong to?

Question 3: Durvillea antarctica (New Zealand, South America, and ________)
AustraliaCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 4:
What kind of animal is a Kelp?
see text

Question 5: Through the 19th century, the word "kelp" was closely associated with seaweeds that could be burned to obtain ________ (primarily sodium carbonate).
Sodium chlorideSodium carbonateSodium hydroxideSodium bicarbonate

Question 6: Growth occurs at the base of the ________, where the blades and stipe meet.
Plant stemPlantPlant evolutionary developmental biologyMeristem

Question 7: Used by coastal indigenous peoples to create ________.
SpearfishingHand netFishing techniquesFishing net

Question 8: See also: Biomass energy, ________
BiodieselAlgae fuelBiofuelEthanol fuel

Question 9: Bongo kelp ash is rich in ________ and alkali.

Question 10: ________, for example, can reduce entire areas to urchin barrens.
Sea urchinHerringSturgeonSquid

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