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Keir Hardie: Quiz


Question 1: In Parliament he advocated a graduated income tax, free schooling, pensions, the abolition of the ________ and the women's right to vote.
House of Commons of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomPolitics of the United KingdomHouse of Lords

Question 2: His stance was not popular, even within the Labour Party, but he continued to address anti-war demonstrations across the country and to support ________.
Canada and Iraq War resistersMilitary serviceUnited StatesConscientious objector

Question 3: During a visit to the United States in 1909, his criticism of ________ among American radicals caused intensified debate regarding the American Socialist Party possibly joining with the unions in a labor party.
Ethnic cleansingProtestant ReformationSerbsSectarianism

Question 4: To that end, encouraged by his mother, he had learned to read and write in ________.
Gregg shorthandLatinShorthandGerman language

Question 5: After a series of strokes Hardie died in hospital in ________ on 26 September 1915.

Question 6: J. Keir Hardie Internet Archive at ________.
MarxismRussiaMarxists Internet ArchiveUnited States

Question 7: On 16 October 1879, Hardie attended a National Conference of miners at ________, at which he was selected as National Secretary, a high-sounding title which actually preceded the establishment of a coherent national organisation by several years.
GlenrothesDunfermlineKirkcaldyPerth, Scotland

Question 8: [9] Hardie's avocation of preaching put him before crowds of his fellows, helping him to learn the art of ________.
The SpeakerOratorPublic speakingDebate

Question 9: Ty Keir Hardie in his constituency town of ________, houses offices for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council and adjoins the Civic Centre on Castle Street.
Merthyr TydfilWalesSwanseaCardiff

Question 10: Formal schooling henceforth became impossible, but his parents spent evenings teaching him to read and write, skills which proved essential for future ________.
Leonardo da VinciGottfried LeibnizIsaac NewtonAutodidacticism

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