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Kegon: Quiz


Question 1: Rōben's disciple Jitchu continued administration of ________ temple and expanded its prestige through the introduction of imported rituals.
TendaiKūkaiDharma character schoolTōdai-ji

Question 2: Kegon (華厳) ([kegõɴ], or in some dialects, [keŋõɴ]) is the name of the Japanese transmission of the Huayan school of ________.
BodhidharmaBuddhism in ChinaGuan YinXuanzang

Question 3: Kegon thought was later be popularized in Japan by Myōe (明惠), who combined its doctrines with those of ________ and Gyōnen (凝然), and is most responsible for the establishment of the Tōdai-ji lineage of Kegon.
SamayaTibetan BuddhismVajrayanaLineage (Buddhism)

Question 4: Over time, Kegon incorporated esoteric ritual from ________ Buddhism, with which it shared a cordial relationship, and continues to this day with limited temples overseas.
NichirenShingon BuddhismKūkaiShinran

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