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Question 1: ________ is added to pressurize the keg via an inlet port on the top and is facilitated by gently rocking the brew back and forth.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sink

Question 2: New, small ________ have sprung up to serve those consumers who prefer traditional cask beer.
Public houseMicrobreweryBrewingCask ale

Question 3: This size standard varies from country to country and brewery to brewery with many countries using the ________ rather than U.S.
United States customary unitsGlobal Positioning SystemImperial unitsMetric system

Question 4: Formerly a keg was a small, usually wooden barrel made by a cooper used to transport items such as nails and ________.
GunpowderEnglandCannonEarly Modern warfare

Question 5: ________ often use kegs for aging, filtering, and storing beer.
Independent record labelIndependent musicAlcoholic beverageHomebrewing

Question 6: In Canada, ________ brewery dubbed the mini keg "Bubba." Much like other brand names, the name is now generally applied to all 5-liter mini kegs in Canada.
57th National Hockey League All-Star Game2009 Stanley Cup FinalsMolson50th National Hockey League All-Star Game

Question 7: A full keg is a 15.5 ________ barrel, routinely called a half-barrel.
CanadaGallonAntigua and BarbudaGuyana

Question 8: While often considered synonymous to draught beer, keg beer refers specifically to beer served under pressure, while draught beer may refer to any beer served from a larger container, including both keg beer and ________.
BarrelPublic houseMicrobreweryCask ale

Question 9: ________ to 50 liter - the keg shape and keg tap system may differ heavily.
United StatesMetricationUnited KingdomFrance

Question 10: It is commonly used to store, transport, and serve ________.
BeerBockAlcoholic beverageBrewing


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