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Question 1: Lanchana (royal seal) of his reign was a skull with a crescent moon called chandrakapala, the symbol of ________.

Question 2: The curency was made from the mixture of ________, silver, and tin.

Question 3: He reported that silkworm farms to produce silk and ________ clothes production had been adopted by Javanese by that time.

Question 4: In 1045, Airlangga divided his kingdom, Kahuripan into two, Janggala (based on contemporary ________) and Kediri and abdicated in favour of his sons to live as an ascetic.
SurabayaJember RegencyEast JavaMalang

Question 5: The name Jayabhaya was immortalized in Sedah's Kakawin Bharatayuddha, a Javanese version of the ________ written in 1157.
KrishnaBhagavad GitaMahabharataKurukshetra War

Question 6: According to Chinese sources, the main occupations of the Kediri people revolved around agriculture (rice cultivation), animal farming (cattle, ________, poultry), and the spice trade.
Wild boarElkRed DeerDeer

Question 7: The tales of this story is known as Panji cycle spread throughout Southeast Asia as far as ________.
Papua New GuineaMalaysiaThailandCambodia

Question 8: During the reign, ________ was a vassal state of Kediri.
Portuguese EmpireTernateMalaccaMaluku Islands

Question 9: Kediri collected spices from tributaries in southern Kalimantan and the ________, known to the West as the Spice Islands or Moluccas.
Maluku IslandsMadagascarSaint HelenaMaldives

Question 10: The King wore silk garments, ________ shoes and ornately golden jewelry.
ButtonLeather skirtWoolLeather

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