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Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic: Quiz


Question 1: The Soviet Union's spaceport, now known as the ________ was located in this republic at Tyuratam, and the secret town of Leninsk was constructed to accommodate its personnel.
Baikonur CosmodromePlesetsk CosmodromeVandenberg Air Force BaseKennedy Space Center

Question 2: The other nationalities included Ukrainians, ________, Jews, Belarusians, Koreans and others; Germans at the time of independence formed about 8% of the population, the largest concentration of Germans in the entire Soviet Union.
Ethnic GermansGermansAustriaGermany

Question 3: Today it is the independent state of Kazakhstan in ________.
Middle EastCentral AsiaSiberiaSouth Asia

Question 4: The country is named after the ________ people, Turkic-speaking former nomads who sustained a powerful khanate in the region before Russian and then Soviet domination.
Turkic peoplesKazakhsKazakh languageKazakhstan

Question 5: The influx of immigrants, mostly ________, skewed the ethnic mixture and enabled non-Kazakhs to outnumber natives.
Russian cultureUkraineRussiansRussian diaspora

Question 6: Established on August 26, 1920, it was initially called Kirghiz ASSR (Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) and was a part of the ________.
Soviet UnionUkrainian Soviet Socialist RepublicMoldavian Soviet Socialist RepublicRussian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic


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