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Question 1: They are typically made from rotomolded plastic, or ________.
Optical fiberFiberglassAsbestosSilicon dioxide

Question 2: A folder is a modern kayak with a collapsible frame, of wood, ________ or plastic, or a combination thereof, and a skin of water-resistant and durable fabric.

Question 3: Today, seal skin is usually replaced with canvas or nylon cloth covered with paint, neoprene, or a hypalon rubber coating and the wood skeleton is replaced with ________.

Question 4: Sealed-hull (unsinkable) craft were developed for leisure use, as derivatives of ________ (e.g.
SurfboardSurf cultureSurfingDuke Kahanamoku

Question 5: ________ plastic kayaks first appeared in 1973.
PolystyrenePolypropyleneRotational moldingPolycarbonate

Question 6: In some parts of the world, such as the ________, kayaks are referred to as canoes and vice versa.
WalesUnited KingdomCanadaEngland

Question 7: After the pieces are temporarily stitched together, they are glued with ________ and the seams reinforced with fiberglass.

Question 8: Recreational kayaks are designed for the casual paddler interested in ________, photography, or a peaceful paddle on a lake or flatwater stream.
Fishing techniquesWild fisheriesFishingFishing industry

Question 9: [1] The oldest existing kayaks are exhibited in the North America department of the State Museum of Ethnology in ________.

Question 10: The latter made perhaps the best known use of them in the Operation Frankton raid on ________ harbor.
PessacSaint-ÉmilionBordeauxBarsac, Gironde

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