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Question 1: The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (飛燕, roughly "flying swallow") was a Japanese World War II fighter aircraft used by the ________.
Kawasaki Ki-61Imperial Japanese Army Air ForceMitsubishi Ki-15Mitsubishi Ki-21

Question 2: Although the term "________" is often used to refer to the pilots undertaking these attacks, the word was not used by the Japanese military.
KempeitaiImperial Japanese NavyComfort womenKamikaze

Question 3: The new Ki-61 Hien fighters entered service with a special training unit, the 23rd Chutai, and entered combat for first time in spring 1943 during the ________ campaign.
New GuineaNew CaledoniaPalauNiue

Question 4: The first Sentai (wing) fully equipped with the Hien was the 68th in Wewak, New Guinea, followed by the 78th Sentai stationed at ________.
RabaulNew BritainKokopoPapua New Guinea

Question 5: ________
Kawasaki Ki-61Mitsubishi Ki-15Mitsubishi Ki-21Imperial Japanese Army Air Force

Question 6: Another 244th pilot, ________ Masao Itagaki, performed a similar feat on the same occasion, but had to parachute from his damaged fighter.
CorporalSergeant MajorPrivate (rank)Sergeant

Question 7: ________ Toru Shinomiya was selected to lead the attack unit, he would became famous by ramming an American B-29 and living to tell the tale.
Lieutenant CommanderSecond LieutenantFirst LieutenantCyprus

Question 8: ________: NACA 2R 16 wing root, NACA 24009 tip
Stall (flight)AirfoilWingtip deviceLift (force)

Question 9: The Ki-61 was delivered to 15th Sentai (groups/wings), as well as some individual ________ (junior operational commanders) in other Sentai, and even to operational training units in the JAAF.
Mitsubishi Ki-15Kawasaki Ki-61Imperial Japanese Army Air ForceMitsubishi Ki-21

Question 10: On 7 November 1944, the officer commanding the 10th Hiko Shidan made ________ a matter of policy by forming ramming attack flights specifically to oppose the B-29s at high altitude.
RammingWorld War IIEastern Front (World War II)Messerschmitt Bf 109


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