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Kawasaki, Kanagawa: Quiz


Question 1: International field athletics and ________ matches are held here, in addition to various musical concerts.
Beach volleyballOlympic GamesBasketballVolleyball

Question 2: Nihon Minka-en: a park with a collection of 20 ________, or traditional farmhouses, from various areas in Japan.
Gifu PrefectureJapanese architectureMinkaHousing in Japan

Question 3: It is the 9th most populated city in Japan and one of the main cities forming the ________ and Keihin Industrial Area.
Narita International AirportTokyo International AirportMusashino LineGreater Tokyo Area

Question 4: In 1955, the Taiyo Whales (current Yokohama BayStars) moved from ________ to Kawasaki, becoming the second professional baseball team to call Kawasaki home.
Shimonoseki, YamaguchiHiroshimaYamaguchi, YamaguchiKitakyūshū

Question 5: In research conducted in the aftermath of the ________, it was discovered that Kawasaki Stadium would not withstand an earthquake above magnitude 5.
JapanGreat Hanshin earthquakeHyōgo PrefectureHonshū

Question 6: As of 2008, the city has an estimated ________ of 1,385,003 and the density of 9,465 persons per km², 9th most populous in Japan.
World populationPopulationPopulation growthOverpopulation

Question 7: The team enjoyed massive popularity, having star players such as ________ and Ruy Ramos.
Hidetoshi NakataYasuhito EndōMasashi NakayamaKazuyoshi Miura

Question 8: The Lotte Orions (current Chiba Lotte Marines) had wanted a home stadium located near Tokyo (the Lotte team was based in Tokyo, but played most of their games in ________), and moved in the same year.
Aomori, AomoriFukuokaSendaiHiroshima

Question 9: The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, a bridge-tunnel across Tokyo Bay, connects Kawasaki and the city of Kisarazu in ________.
Chiba PrefectureSaitama PrefectureChiba, ChibaIbaraki Prefecture

Question 10: Kawasaki gained increased political importance during the ________ as a stop for travelers on the Tōkaidō between Edo and points west.
Tokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuEdo periodBakumatsu


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