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  • Indian coracles, which probably existed since the prehistoric times, have recently been used for giving tourists rides on the Kaveri River?

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Question 1: [1] The river is the source for an extensive irrigation system and for ________.
Pumped-storage hydroelectricityCoalWind powerHydroelectricity

Question 2: After the river leaves the Kodagu hills and flows onto the Deccan plateau, the Kabani River joins the Kaveri River at Tirumakudal Narasipur in Karnataka, it forms two islands, ________ and Shivanasamudra.

Question 3: It drops into the ________ just before it arrives in the town of Hogenakal in Tamil Nadu.
SrirangamTalakadHogenakkal FallsSrirangapatna

Question 4: The legend of Kaveri has its origins in ________.
Agni PuranaBhavishya PuranaPuranasBhagavata Purana

Question 5: [2] The river has supported irrigated agriculture for centuries and served as the lifeblood of the ancient kingdoms and modern cities of ________.
KarnatakaTulu NaduSouth IndiaYakshagana

Question 6: In a slightly different version, Kaveri is regarded as the outpour of sage Agasthya's Kamandala; it is said the Lord ________, assuming the form of a crow, upset Agasthya's Kamandala to release the Kaveri.

Question 7: The three minor tributaries , Palar, Chennar and Thoppar enter into the Kaveri on her course, above Stanley Reservoir in ________, where the dam has been constructed.
AtturCuddaloreNarasingapuram, SalemMettur

Question 8: The confluence of the rivers Cauvery, Bhavani and Akash Ganga (imaginary) is at the exact place of Bhavani Kooduthurai or Tiriveni Sangamam, Northern a part of ________ City.

Question 9: Near ________, there is an aqueduct, the Bangara Doddi Nala, which was constructed in the 17th century by the Wodeyar maharaja of Mysore, Ranadhira Kantirava, in memory of his favorite consort.

Question 10: The river is considered to rise at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri hills in ________, though there is not a flow at this point all year round.
Mallalli FallsKodaguAbbey FallsKarnataka


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