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Kathak: Quiz


Question 1: He brought teachers to his palaces, aiding the expansion of technical vocabulary, and formed the basis of the ________ gharana, emphasizing sensuous, expressive emotion.
KanpurUttar PradeshPilibhitLucknow

Question 2: Aside from the traditional expressive or abhinaya pieces performed to a ________, ghazal or thumri, Kathak also possesses a particular performance style of expressional pieces called bhaav bataanaa (lit.

Question 3: Consequently, it translates to the modern ________ stage with difficulty.
Thrust stageTeatro OlimpicoProsceniumStage (theatre)

Question 4: Famous tawaifs such as ________ were instrumental in the maintenance and continuation of Kathak, even as it was officially denigrated by the prevailing political opinion.
Begum AkhtarGauhar JaanHindustani classical musicKolkata

Question 5: The straight-legged position gave a new vitality to the footwork, which wove percussive rhythms in its own right, whether together with or in complement to the ________ or pakhawaj.
TablaHindustani classical musicGharanaTimpani

Question 6: Below the waist is the dhoti, usually tied in the ________ style, that is with many pleats and a fan finish to one of the ends (although it is not unknown for dancers to tie the garment more simply).
BangladeshWest BengalIndiaBengal

Question 7: In the 15th-16th century at the time the ________, Rasalilas had a tremendous impact on Kathak.
Hindu denominationsBhakti movementVaishnavismHinduism

Question 8: Kathak (________: कथक, Urdu: کتھک) is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances, originated from northern India.
HindiPunjabi languageHindustani languageSanskrit

Question 9: Because they are generally executed on the heel, these differ from ________'s pirouettes (which are properly executed on the toe or ball of the foot).
DanceHip-hop danceBalletConcert dance

Question 10: The name Kathak is derived from the ________ word katha meaning story, and katthaka in Sanskrit means s/he who tells a story, or to do with stories.

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