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Katara (sword): Quiz


Question 1:
What is the origin of Katara (sword)?

Question 2:
What type is thing is Katara (sword)?

Question 3: Typically, kataras were used in close range hand-to-hand combat, which is effective in ________ piercing.
CuirassMail (armour)ArmourPlate armour

Question 4: A Katara or Katar (Devanāgarī: कटार, kaţāra), also known as a suwaiya or Bundi dagger, is a type of short punching sword that is native to ________ and popular elsewhere for swift and quick attacks.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia

Question 5: European blades of the 16th and 17th centuries were often used, especially by the ________ and were always riveted to projections from the hilt.
Maratha EmpirePala EmpireGupta EmpireHarsha

Question 6: It was used by Indian warriors called ________.


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