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Kassites: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and other ancient Greek writers sometimes referred to the region around Susa as "Cissia", a variant of the Kassite name.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsHerodotus

Question 2: According to Judges, Cushan-Rishathaim conquered Israel shortly after the death of ________ and held it for eight years.

Question 3: Almost equal with the royal cities of Babylon and Dur-Kurigalzu, the revived city of ________ was the most important provincial center.
SumerNippurAkkadian EmpireAssyriology

Question 4: The ________ in the Hebrew Bible contains a reference to what appears to be a Kassite ruler, who is named as Cushan-Rishathaim and described as ruler of "Aram Naharaim".
Book of JoshuaBook of JudgesBooks of KingsBooks of Samuel

Question 5: The last Kassite king, Enlil-nadin-ahi, was taken to ________ and imprisoned there, where he also died.
AhvazShushtarChogha ZanbilSusa

Question 6: This statement is hard to understand, as Babylon had lost importance under ________ rule by the time Elymais emerged around 160 BC.
Seleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomGreco-Bactrian Kingdom

Question 7: The most notable Kassite artifacts are their Kudurru ________.
SteleMing DynastyBritish MuseumMegalith

Question 8: [1][2] Their first historical appearance occurred in the 18th century BC when they attacked ________ in the 9th year of the reign of Samsu-Iluna (reigned ca.
AssyriaSumerAkkadian EmpireBabylonia

Question 9: A newly built capital city ________ was named in honour of Kurigalzu I (ca.

Question 10: The transformation of southern ________ into a territorial state, rather than a network of allied or combatative temple-cities, made Babylonia an international power.
AssyriaMesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumer


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