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Question 1: There have been various attempts to provide empirical support for the view that the Israelite food laws have health benefits or purpose, one of the earliest being from Maimonides in his ________.
Jewish philosophyJudaismKabbalahThe Guide for the Perplexed

Question 2: The laws of kashrut derive from various passages in the ________, and are numerous and complex, but the key principles are as follows:

Question 3: In 2008, a rabbinical ruling determined that ________ and their milk are eligible to be considered kosher.The giraffe has both split hooves and chews its cud, characteristics of animals considered kosher.
SteenbokHippopotamusGiraffeGreater Kudu

Question 4: Mammals and fowl must be slaughtered in a specific fashion: slaughter is done by a trained individual (a shochet) using a special method of slaughter, ________ (Deuteronomy 12:21).
Jewish ethicsHalakhaKosher foodsShechita

Question 5: Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, ________ and cauliflower must be checked for insect infestation.
BroccoliVitaminKaleBrussels sprout

Question 6: In this view, kosher animals represent ________, while non-kosher animals represent vices.
Good and evilConscienceVirtueMorality

Question 7: ________ has a related but different system, named halal, and both systems have a comparable system of ritual slaughter (shechita in Judaism and Ḏabīḥah in Islam).
Islamic schools and branchesMuslim historyIslamMosque

Question 8: Reform Judaism and ________ hold that these laws are no longer binding.
RabbiConservative JudaismReconstructionist JudaismJewish philosophy

Question 9: For example, ________ is sometimes made from stomach linings, yet is acceptable for making kosher cheese,[48] but such cheeses might not be acceptable to some vegetarians, who would eat only cheese made from a vegetarian rennet.
GoatRennetMilkDomestic sheep

Question 10: ________ and other non-fish water fauna are not kosher.
Wild fisheriesAquacultureShellfishFishing

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