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Karuppu Sami: Quiz


Question 1: Animals, often signifying His pets - a dog (Vettai Naai or a hunting dog), a lion and His ride - the white ________ are also found.
HorseEquus (genus)DonkeyArabian horse

Question 2: He is one of the 21 associate folk-deities of ________ and is hence one of the so-called Kaval Deivams of the Tamils.
AiyanarShivaShasta (deity)Karuppu Sami

Question 3: The Karuppanar Kovil (or a ________) is always found in the outskirts of the Village.
ShrinePilgrimageAltarBahá'í Faith

Question 4: The maintenance of the ________ is taken care of by the whole of the village.
Temple (Latter Day Saints)JudaismTempleJoseph Smith, Jr.

Question 5: He is also offered Beedis (country - made cigarettes) or ________ and Naravam (toddy = locally instilled alcohol) or some form of modern alcohol.
CubaUnited StatesFidel CastroCigar

Question 6: One interesting fact of special mention is the belief of the village people that the Karuppu Sami is being disguised in the form of the ________ who is asked to predict the future.
LutheranismPriestLiturgical bookBishop


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