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Question 1: Karnobat Pass on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, ________ is named after Karnobat.
DesertAntarcticaKalahari DesertAtacama Desert

Question 2: Karnobat (Bulgarian: Карнобат) is a town in the ________, Bulgaria.
Bulgarian Black Sea CoastMontana ProvinceDobrich ProvinceBurgas Province

Question 3: Villages and tumuli reveal traces of life from the Neolithic and the ________, rich settlement life during the antiquity and Middle Ages.
La Tène cultureAncient Near EastIron AgeIron Age China

Question 4: The Karnobat-Aitos range of the ________ is located in the northern part of the municipality.
SofiaVarnaBalkan MountainsVeliko Tarnovo

Question 5: The first information for Karnobat was written in 1153 and included in The Geography by ________— Arabic traveller and scientist.
Muhammad al-IdrisiMoroccoSicilyEarly world maps

Question 6: During the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1878), the region became a victim of outrageous bashi-bazouks and ________.

Question 7: The Karnobat region, located in front of the south approaches of the Rishki and Varbishki passes, features an ancient history, dating back to the ________ era.
Vinča cultureNeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian cultureLinear Pottery culture


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