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Karma in Hinduism: Quiz


Question 1: [8] According to ________, the last Kali Yuga began 700 B.C.
GuruKrishnaParamahansa YoganandaSri Yukteswar Giri

Question 2: Charles Keyes, professor emeritus at the ________ and E.
Stanford UniversityUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of Washington

Question 3: Shri Sambantha concludes that an intelligent Supreme Being with perfect wisdom and power (________, for example) is necessary to make karma attach to the appropriate individual.

Question 4: The Navagraha, planetary deities, are considered subordinate to ________, i.e., the Supreme Being) and are believed by many to assist in the administration of justice.
BrahmanAchintya Bheda AbhedaIshvaraSvayam Bhagavan

Question 5: Examples of a personal supreme God include Shiva in ________ or Vishnu in Vaishnavism.
ShaivismHinduismShaktismHindu denominations

Question 6: Some interpretations of the ________ [24] suggest an intermediate view, that karma is a law of cause and effect yet God can mitigate karma for His devotees.
MahabharataBhagavad GitaKrishnaVyadha Gita

Question 7: [60] In another example, ________ can unweave his devotees from their karma, simplifying and purifying their lives, but this only happens after they have established a personal relationship with Him.

Question 8: Thus, many interpret the ________ in accordance with karma, as those with good deeds are born into a highly spiritual family (probably the brahmana caste).
Religious intoleranceRacial segregationCasteRacism

Question 9: A Jiva cannot attain ________ (liberation) from the cycle of birth and death, until the accumulated sanchita karmas are completely exhausted.
NirvanaMokshaDeva (Buddhism)Dharma

Question 10: Yet another example is Nitya karma, which describes rituals which have to be performed daily by Hindus, such as the Sandhyavandanam which involves chanting of the ________.
RigvedaUpanishadsHinduismGayatri Mantra


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