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Karlheinz Stockhausen: Quiz


Question 1: ."), first published in the third volume of ________ (1957).
Die ReiheArnold SchoenbergKarlheinz StockhausenSerialism

Question 2:
When was Karlheinz Stockhausen born?

Question 3: Together with Eimert, Stockhausen edited the influential journal ________ from 1955 to 1962 (Grant 2001, 1–2).
Arnold SchoenbergKarlheinz StockhausenSerialismDie Reihe

Question 4: In December 1952, he composed a Konkrete Etüde, realized in ________'s Paris musique concrète studio.
MusicPierre Schaeffer bibliographyPierre SchaefferElectronic music

Question 5: In August 1951, just after his first Darmstadt visit, Stockhausen began working with a form of athematic ________ composition that rejected the twelve-tone technique of Schoenberg (Felder 1977, 92).
Pierre BoulezKarlheinz StockhausenAtonalitySerialism

Question 6: He had the usual training in harmony and ________, the latter with Hermann Schroeder, but he did not develop a real interest in composition until 1950.
Canon (music)FugueCounterpointBaroque music

Question 7: In 1968, Stockhausen composed the vocal sextet ________, for the Collegium Vocale Köln, an hour-long work based entirely on the overtones of a low B-flat (Toop 2005, 39).
StimmungDrone musicJust intonationKarlheinz Stockhausen

Question 8: He had just the night before finished a work recently commissioned for performance by the Mozart Orchestra of ________ (Bäumer 2007).

Question 9: In his Kontakte for electronic sounds (optionally with piano and percussion) (1958–60), he achieved for the first time an ________ of the four parameters of pitch, duration, dynamics, and timbre (Stockhausen 1962, 40).
IsomorphismVector spaceBinary relationEquivalence relation

Question 10: ________ acknowledges Stockhausen in the liner notes of Freak Out!, his 1966 debut with The Mothers of Invention.
Zoot AlluresHot RatsFrank ZappaYou Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6

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