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Question 1:
What region does Karl Marx belong to?
Western Philosophy and Psychology
philosophies & esotericisms
Western philosophy
Western Philosophy

Question 2:
When is Karl Marx's birthday?

Question 3: earlier German philosophical materialism, particularly that of ________
AgnosticismAtheismLudwig Andreas FeuerbachAntireligion

Question 4:
What philosophical school did Karl Marx belong to?

Question 5:
How is Karl Marx described?
Bulgarian haydut and revolutionary
Bulgarian revolutionary
German philosopher, political economist and revolutionary
Cuban revolutionary

Question 6:
Which of the following was of most interest to Karl Marx?

Question 7: This would emerge after a transitional period called the "________": a period sometimes referred to as the "workers state" or "workers' democracy".
Marxist philosophyDictatorship of the proletariatThe Communist ManifestoMarxism

Question 8: World War I also led to the Russian Revolution of 1917, in the later stages of which a left-wing splinter-group of the Second International, the ________, led by Vladimir Lenin, took power.
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyMenshevikLev KamenevBolshevik

Question 9:
Who of the following did Karl Marx influence?

Question 10:
When did Karl Marx die?

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