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Karen people: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the population of Karen people?

Question 2: They are almost unique among the Tibeto-Burman languages in having a Subject Verb Object word order; other than Karen and Bai, Tibeto-Burman languages feature a ________ order [9].
Agglutinative languageSynthetic languageSubject Object VerbErgative‚Äďabsolutive language

Question 3: Years later, the Karen had become the largest of 20 minority groups participating in an insurgency against the military dictatorship in ________.
ThanlyinYangonYangon DivisionDagon Township

Question 4: In the fall of 1948, the Burmese government, led by ________, began raising and arming irregular political militias known as Sitwundan.
Aung San Suu KyiBurmaNe WinU Nu

Question 5: As a consequence, many villages were destroyed and massacres committed by both the Japanese and the ________ (BIA) troops who helped the Japanese invade the country.
Burma CampaignAung SanBurma National ArmyForce 136

Question 6: Many [1] [2] [3], including some Karen [4] [5], accuse the military government of Burma of ________.
Racial segregationEthnic cleansingRacismGenocide

Question 7: Burma's Karen Face Hard Times as Insurgency Begins Sixth Decade ________, February 2006
NHK WorldCNNVoice of AmericaDeutsche Welle

Question 8: State Department has also cited the Burmese government for suppression of ________ [6].
State religionFreedom of religionReligious tolerationIslam

Question 9: In 1881 the Karen National Associations (KNA) was founded by western-educated ________ Karens to represent Karen interests to the British.
JesusCatholic ChurchChristianityChristian

Question 10: Ko Tha Byu, the first convert to Christianity in 1828, was baptised by Rev George Boardman, an associate of ________, founder of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society.
Francis Mason (missionary)Ann Hasseltine JudsonAdoniram JudsonEugenio Kincaid

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