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Karelian language: Quiz


Question 1: They have common ancestry in the Proto-Karelian language spoken in the coast of Lake Ladoga in the ________.
Iron Age ChinaAncient Near EastIron AgeLa Tène culture

Question 2: In this article, Karelian denotes ________ from Russian Karelia.
German languageDialect continuumEnglish languageDialect

Question 3: Karelian retains ________, usually denoted with an apostrophe (e.g.
Consonant mutationTone (linguistics)EpenthesisPalatalization

Question 4: Finnish and Karelian were suppressed and outlawed during Stalin's ________.
Great PurgeMass killings under Communist regimesMoscow TrialsChristian Rakovsky

Question 5: In Finnish usage, however, Karelian mostly denotes the dialects of the 420,000 refugees from the Karelian isthmus and other parts of ________ that were re-settled in what remains of Finland after World War II.
Viipuri ProvinceKareliansÅland IslandsKarelia (historical province of Finland)

Question 6: The Karelian system of fricatives and ________ is extensive — in Finnish, there is only one 's'.
ConsonantLateral consonantAffricate consonantEjective consonant

Question 7: Finnish, and not Karelian, was the second official language of Karelia from the ________ 1940 up until the 1980s,[4] when perestroika began.
World War IIEastern Front (World War II)Winter WarContinuation War

Question 8: Karelian belongs to the ________, and is distinguished from Finnish by some important extensions to the phonology and the lack of influence from modern 19th and 20th century Finnish.
Uralic languagesEstoniaFinno-Ugric languagesFinnish language

Question 9: Dialects spoken in Finnish ________ (North Karelia and South Karelia) are not considered Karelian but Savonian dialects or Southeastern dialects of Finnish.
KareliaFinlandSortavalaKarelian Isthmus

Question 10: Karelian is spoken in the Russian Republic of Karelia, and also by some 5,000 speakers in ________.


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