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Karelian Isthmus: Quiz


Question 1: Few days later ________ as it is known in Finland (it is considered to be a front of the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union and Russia) started.
Vyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveContinuation WarEastern Front (World War II)Winter War

Question 2: See also the ________.
Scots PineRumexUtricularia australisList of the vascular plants of the Karelian Isthmus

Question 3: On 9 June 1944, strong Soviet forces opened the ________ and pushed the front from the pre-1939 border to Vyborg in ten days.
Eastern Front (World War II)Continuation WarVyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveOperation Bagration

Question 4: Northern and western parts of the isthmus are also an important reserve of ________ (quarries in Kuznechnoye, as well as a number of others along the Vyborg-Hiitola railroad).
GraniteBasaltFelsicIgneous rock

Question 5: [5] Prior to 12650 BP, the land was characterized by harsh Arctic conditions with ________ and sparse vegetation.
PalsaPermafrostActive layerTundra

Question 6: [10][11] On the southern shore of Lake Sukhodolskoye small medieval ________ are abundant as well.

Question 7: In 1940–1941, during the ________, most of the ceded territories in the isthmus were included within the Karelo-Finnish SSR.
FinlandInterim PeaceWinter WarContinuation War

Question 8: A plant of ________ producing Ford Focus cars was opened in Vsevolozhsk in 2002.
Vauxhall MotorsFord Motor CompanyFord FairmontFord Ka

Question 9: On March 31 most of the ceded territories were incorporated into Karelo-Finnish SSR by a decision of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union (in the Karelian Isthmus the districts of Jääski, Kexholm and ________).

Question 10: The Karelian Isthmus is included within Leningrad Military District of the ________.
Turkish Armed ForcesArmed Forces of the Russian FederationMilitary of BulgariaMilitary of Ukraine

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