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Karelia (historical province of Finland): Quiz


Question 1: They speak the eastern or south-eastern dialects of the ________.
Estonian languageHungarian languageMari languageFinnish language

Question 2: A large part of Finnish Karelia was ceded by Finland to the ________ in 1940 after the Winter War when the new border was established close to that of 1721.
Joseph StalinEast GermanyRussiaSoviet Union

Question 3: Sweden got western Karelia with the Karelian Isthmus; and Novgorod got ________, Ladoga Karelia and East Karelia.
IngriaEstoniaLeningrad OblastIngrian Finns

Question 4: The Karelian language, spoken in East Karelia, is very closely related to the ________.
Finnish languageMari languageEstonian languageHungarian language

Question 5: The Finnish Karelians are considered as a regional and cultural sub-group of the ________.
FinnsFinlandFinnish languageEstonia

Question 6: After the war, the remains of the ________ were made into the Province of Kymi.
Viipuri ProvinceFinlandKarelian IsthmusKuopio Province

Question 7: During the ________ of 1941-44, most of the ceded area was occupied by Finnish troops.
Vyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveWinter WarContinuation WarEastern Front (World War II)

Question 8: The traditional culture of "Ladoga-Karelia", or Finnish Karelia according to the pre-________ borders, was by and large similar to that of Eastern Karelia, or Russian Karelia.
Winter WarContinuation WarEastern Front (World War II)World War II

Question 9: The dialect spoken in the ________ before World War II and the Ingrian language are also part of this dialect group.
Continuation WarKarelian IsthmusViipuri ProvinceFinland

Question 10: The hostilities continued in 1300 when a Swedish force attacked the mouth of the river Neva and built a fort near the current location of ________.
MoscowLeningrad OblastSaint PetersburgRussia


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