Karelia: Quiz

Question 1: The possible fear of secession, as well as the Russian ethnic majority in Karelia may have resulted in its "demotion." In 1991 the ________ was created out of the ASSR.
Komi RepublicDagestanIngushetiaRepublic of Karelia

Question 2: Viipurin Lauluveikot, a Finnish men's choir founded 1897 in ________, Finnish Karelia

Question 3: Karelia (Karelian and Finnish Karjala; Russian: Карелия, Kareliya; Swedish: Karelen), the land of the Karelian peoples, is an area in Northern Europe of historical significance for ________, Russia, and Sweden.

Question 4: Karelia was bitterly fought over by Sweden and the ________ since the 13th-century Swedish-Novgorodian Wars.
Kievan Rus'Novgorod RepublicGolden HordeRussia

Question 5: In historical texts Karelia is sometimes divided into East Karelia and West Karelia, which are also called Russian Karelia and ________ respectively.
Åland IslandsFinlandKarelia (historical province of Finland)Karelian Isthmus

Question 6: Mastodon (band), who pay homage to Karelia on their album ________ with the song Ghost of Karelia
Crack the SkyeDivinationsBlood Mountain (album)Leviathan (album)

Question 7: The ________ is a Russian federal subject, including the so-called "East Karelia" with a chiefly Russian Orthodox population.
Republic of KareliaKomi RepublicIngushetiaDagestan

Question 8: However, much of the original Finnish population of the Russian side of Karelia has been either resettled and integrated to inner Finland, Russified or dispersed into Russia as victims of Soviet internal ________.
Ethnic cleansingRefugeePopulation transferItaly

Question 9:
  • ________ (Петрозаводск, Petroskoi, from late 1941 to 1944 known as Äänislinna/Onegaborg for Finns)
    PetrozavodskOlonetsKondopogaKem (town)

Question 10: The area to the north of Lake Ladoga which belonged to Finland before World War II is called ________, and the parishes on the old pre-war border are sometimes called Border Karelia.
KareliaKarelian IsthmusSortavalaWinter War

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Karelia)