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Question 1: He's later brought on ________, as Brother Eye intended to assimilate the Morticoccus during Apokolips' assimilation.
New GodsAnti-Life EquationDarkseidApokolips

Question 2: He is a master of every form of ________ to have been developed by the 31st Century.
Chinese martial artsBrazilian Jiu-JitsuMartial artsJujutsu

Question 3: DC Comics granted ________ permission to use the "Karate Kid" name for a series of successful movies starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.
Screen GemsSony Pictures EntertainmentSony Pictures TelevisionColumbia Pictures

Question 4: He and Projectra returned from their honeymoon to find that her planet, Orando, had been taken over by the ________.
Legion of Super-VillainsLegion of Super-Heroes (1958 team)Legion of Super-HeroesSuperman

Question 5: Val Armorr was the son of ________'s greatest crime lord, Kirau Nezumi, also known as Black Dragon.
JapanUnited KingdomCambodiaCanada

Question 6: When the group arrives on another of the 52 Earths, Val is taken to ________ and dies as Dubbilex examines him.
Lex LuthorDarkseidProject CadmusDoomsday (comics)

Question 7: During the "Five Years Later" storyline following the Magic Wars, Earth fell under the covert control of the ________, and withdrew from the United Planets.
SupermanSuperboy (Kon-El)DarkseidDominators

Question 8: It seems that he and ________ have now become close after spending the night with one another.
Cosmic BoyGarth RanzzSupermanAyla Ranzz

Question 9: He became a member of the second ________ while training in the Legion Academy.
Legion of Substitute HeroesLegion of Super Heroes (TV series)Legion of Super-HeroesRainbow Girl

Question 10: He possesses the ability to sense the weakest spot in an object and his skill in hand-to-hand combat is seemingly ________, allowing him to simulate super-strength blows.
SuperhumanScience fictionSuperheroTranshumanism

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