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Question 1: [37] He planned to use ________ (Japanese drums) to further enhance the music, but felt the show had taken on an international outlook and discarded the notion.

Question 2: [18] Manga Entertainment also promoted the hero in Karas as "a ________ version of the Crow".
SteampunkCyberpunkScience fictionCyberpunk derivatives

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Karas (anime) have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Crucifixion With a Donor
English National Rugby Union Captain

Question 4: The mikuras symbolize the five elements of ________.
BuddhismTaoismEast Asian religionsPantheism

Question 5: Ibira thought this up from observing a dramatic drop in the number of yōkai folk tales as Japan undergoes ________.
ModernizationSociologyTalcott ParsonsSociocultural evolution

Question 6: [11] In spite of the criticisms, Karas won Best Original Video at the 2006 ________ competition, and was one of United States' top 10 best selling anime titles in 2006.
Code GeassSpirited AwayAnimation KobeTokyo Anime Award

Question 7:
Who of the following was a direct of Karas (anime)?

Question 8: [21] The animation team drew frames ________ the motion between key frames by hand, and digitally interpolated those frames to create slow motion sequences.
PolynomialNumerical analysisInterpolationLinear interpolation

Question 9:
Which of the following genres does Karas (anime) produce?
Modern Drama
Dark fantasy, Action, Supernatural
Agricultural and entertainment

Question 10:
What studio produced Karas (anime)?

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