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Karamanoğlu: Quiz


Question 1: Ancestor:: Germiyanlı Ali Bey • Founder: İnanç Bey • Capital: Denizli
Important centers and extension: ________
Dynasty: İnanç Bey (~ 1300 - ~ 1314) • Murad Arslan (~ 1314 - ?) • İnançoğlu İshak Bey (?
ÇalBozkurt (district), DenizliIstanbulDenizli

Question 2: The flag of Karamanoğlu may be similar to Star of David, the Jewish symbol, used by ________ today.
GreeceArmeniaUnited StatesIsrael

Question 3: Beylik of Karaman or of Karamanoğlu (Karamanoğulları in Turkish plural), also called the Karamanid Dynasty or the Karamanids, was an Anatolian Turkish Beylik state centered in south-central ________, around the present-day Karaman Province.
TurkeyAnatoliaIstanbulTurkish people

Question 4: Mustafa Bey, son of Mehmet Bey, retook the city during a conflict between the Emirs of Sham and ________.

Question 5: However, it did not take much time for the Ottomans to react and march on ________, the capital city of Karamanids.
Ereğli, KonyaAdanaKonyaAntalya

Question 6: ________ Press.
State University of New YorkStony Brook UniversityBinghamton UniversityUniversity at Albany, SUNY

Question 7: - ?) • Sökmen the Second (1128 - 1185) • Seyfeddin Begtimur (1185 - 1193) • Aksungur (1193 - 1197) • Muhammed bin Begtimur (1185 - 1207)
1207: Submitted to the ________
Important works: Ahlat Tombs
SyriaSaladinAyyubid dynastyKurdish people

Question 8: Their economic activities depended mostly on control of strategic commercial areas such as ________ and the ports of Lamos, Silifke, Anamur, and Manavgat.
Ereğli, KonyaAntalyaAdanaKonya

Question 9: Founder: Ramazan Bey from Yüreğir Oghuz clan • Capitals: Adana
Important centers and extension: ________Tarsus
Dynasty: Ramazanoğlu İbrahim Bey (1344-?) • Ramazanoğlu Ahmed Bey (?

Question 10: According to Mesâlik-ül-Ebsâr, written by Şehâbeddin Ömer, the Karamanid army had 25,000 riders and 25,000 ________.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireArab peopleSaracen


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