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Kappa Mikey: Quiz


Question 1:
Kappa Mikey, Family Guy and The Simpsons are all:
2000s American animated television series Animated sitcoms Fantasy television series Nicktoons

Question 2: After producing Internet-based projects and television spots, this was Animation Collective's first ever television series, and was produced in ________ starting from the summer of 2005[2].
BrooklynNew York metropolitan areaNew York CityManhattan

Question 3: The humor comes from the fact that because Mikey is an American, he actually stands out visually from the other cast members, similar to the mix of styles in ________.
Jurassic Park (film)Gremlins 2: The New BatchWho Framed Roger RabbitBack to the Future

Question 4: It is ________'s first global acquisition.

Question 5: Some of the backgrounds were inspired by actual locations in ________.
BeijingMinato, TokyoTokyoGreater Tokyo Area

Question 6: A Kappa Mikey DVD was released on September 18, 2007 under ________.
Starz MediaManga EntertainmentAnchor Bay EntertainmentFilm Roman

Question 7: It was animated in ________, with some moments of CGI rendered in Maya.
Adobe After EffectsAdobe DreamweaverAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash

Question 8: On another episode there is an anime version of Ami and Yumi from the TV series, ________ (which was running on Cartoon Network at the time).
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumiEd, Edd n EddyCamp LazloFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Question 9: The show's anime-style characters perform with large comedic overuses of ________, such as a face and/or body turning into an exaggerated general appearance, or becoming much smaller.
Lucky Star (manga)MangaJapanManga iconography

Question 10: ________ is the worldwide licensing, marketing and official promotional agent.
4Kids TV4Kids EntertainmentBritish Sky BroadcastingNews Corporation

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