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Kapampangan language: Quiz


Question 1: For example, Proto-Philippine *tanəm is tanam (to plant) in Kapampangan, compared with ________ tanim and Cebuano tanom and Indonesian tanah (land, earth).
PhilippinesTagalog languageIlokano languageKapampangan language

Question 2: /i/ a ________ similar to English "machine"
Close-mid back rounded vowelClose front unrounded vowelOpen front unrounded vowelClose back rounded vowel

Question 3: Unlike English and Spanish which are nominative-accusative languages, Kapampangan is an ________.
Morphosyntactic alignmentErgative–absolutive languageNominative–accusative languageAgglutinative language

Question 4: It is the language spoken in the province of Pampanga, the southern half of the province of Tarlac and the northern portion of the province of ________.

Question 5: lawu "eclipse" from Sanskrit राहु ________
Ketu (mythology)NavagrahaRahuSurya

Question 6: Kapampangan is also understood in some barrios of ________ and Nueva Ecija and by the Aitas or Aeta of Zambales.
Valenzuela CityMalolos CityManilaBulacan

Question 7: Kapampangan is primarily spoken in the provinces of ________ and in the southern towns of the province of Tarlac (Bamban, Capas, Concepcion, San Jose, Gerona, La Paz, Victoria,and Tarlac City).

Question 8: In Kapampangan, the Proto-Philippine ________ vowel has merged to /a/ in most dialects of Kapampangan.
English languageVowel lengthSchwaPortuguese language

Question 9: The Kapampangan poetical joust "Crissotan" was coined by his fellow literary genius ________ nominee for peace and literature in the 50's, Amado Yuzon to immortalize his contribution to Pampanga's Literature.
Nobel FoundationNobel PrizeNobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversies

Question 10: kalma "fate" from Sanskrit कर्म ________

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