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Kanokon: Quiz


Question 1:
Kanokon, Sekirei and Rosario + Vampire are all:
Manga of 2006 Anime series Ecchi anime and manga MF Bunko J

Question 2:
What type is thing is Kanokon?
Film & TV Production Company
Online British comedy TV, radio and film guide.
Free-to-air channels digital TV recorders brand
tv series

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Kanokon produce?

Question 4:
What network screens Kanokon?
GMA Network, Cartoon Network, QTV 11, Hero TV
LEO Communications, Ltd

Question 5:
Kanokon, Pokmon (anime) and Boys Over Flowers (TV series) are all:
Manga of 2006 2008 video games Manga series Anime series

Question 6: A visual novel playable on the ________ entitled Kanokon Esuii (かのこん えすいー ?) was released on July 31, 2008 and developed by 5pb. in limited and regular editions.
PlayStation 3Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation PortablePlayStation 2

Question 7: The novels were licensed by Los Angeles-based company Seven Seas Entertainment for distribution in the ________, but was later removed from the Seven Seas website.
CanadaSouth AfricaAmerican EnglishEnglish language

Question 8: The shows starts with a short ________, which moves on to general news about the Kanokon anime and series in general.
Old-time radioRadio dramaBBCRadio comedy

Question 9:
Kanokon, Original video animation and Bible Black are all:
Anime OVAs Seven Seas Entertainment titles Anime series MF Bunko J

Question 10:
Kanokon, Sekirei and Clannad (visual novel) are all:
Harem anime and manga Manga series Anime OVAs Kemonomimi

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