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Question 1: This means that instead of a ________ CAT a codon CAG (or any other missense mutation) is read by aminoacyl tRNA (aa-tRNA).
Genetic codeDNAProteinAmino acid

Question 2: Aminoacyl tRNA is consequently carrying a different ________, because the anticodon on the aa-tRNA is different.
Amino acidMetabolismAmino acid synthesisL-DOPA

Question 3: Kanamycin works by affecting the 30S ribosomal subunit and causing a missense mutation or it prevents the translation of ________.
DNANon-coding RNASmall interfering RNARNA

Question 4: Kanamycin sulfate is an ________ antibiotic, available in both oral and intravenous forms, and used to treat a wide variety of infections.

Question 5: ________ agents, excluding corticosteroids (Cromoglicic acid)
Immune systemCell-mediated immunityAutoimmunityAllergen

Question 6: The ________ needed cannot be synthesized: depending on the site and severity of the mutation, either a completely different protein is synthesized, or a protein similar to the one needed is synthesized, but is folded incorrectly.

Question 7: Serious side effects include tinnitis or loss of hearing, toxicity to kidneys, and ________ reactions to the drug.
AllergyHypersensitivityAnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host disease

Question 8: corticosteroids acting locally (Prednisolone, ________, Prednisone, Betamethasone, Tixocortol, Budesonide, Beclometasone)

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