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Kamut: Quiz


Question 1: It is more likely the grain is a current-day landrace originating in the ________ Region.
Fertile CrescentIraqWestern AsiaNeolithic

Question 2: KAMUT, a trademark owned by Kamut International, Ltd,[1] denotes a commercial cultivar of ________.
SpeltInternational wheat production statisticsBreadWheat

Question 3: [6] However, as a wheat species, it is definitely unsuitable for those with ________.
Autoimmune hepatitisMalabsorptionCrohn's diseaseCoeliac disease

Question 4: Some people who have ________, and thus avoid wheat, are able to eat some forms of KAMUT Khorasan wheat.
Food allergyCoeliac diseaseWheat allergyMilk allergy

Question 5: It has a Plant Variety Protection Certificate issued by the ________, and was listed in 2002 as "Polish Wheat, QK-77".
Economic Research ServiceNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceUnited States Department of the InteriorUnited States Department of Agriculture


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