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Kamakura period: Quiz


Question 1: With the protector of the Emperor (shogun) a figurehead himself, strains emerged between Kyoto and Kamakura, and in 1221 the Jōkyū War broke out between the Cloistered ________ and the second regent Hōjō Yoshitoki.
Emperor TsuchimikadoEmperor Go-ShirakawaEmperor Go-TobaEmperor Takakura

Question 2: This period of reform, known as the ________, aimed at strengthening the position of the Emperor and reasserting the primacy of the court nobles over the warriors.
Kenmu restorationEngenKamakura periodNanboku-chō period

Question 3: To further weaken the Kyoto court, the bakufu decided to allow two contending imperial lines—known as the ________ or junior line and the Northern Court or senior line—to alternate on the throne.
Kenmu restorationNanboku-chō periodKamakura periodKannō

Question 4: Japanese relations with ________ had been terminated in the mid-ninth century after the deterioration of late Tang Dynasty China and the turning inward of the Heian court.
ChinaTime in ChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 5: ________ (Ashikaga)
Azuchi–Momoyama periodKamakura periodMuromachi periodEdo period

Question 6: 1274: The Mongols of ________ try to invade Japan but are repelled by a typhoon.
Kublai KhanMongol EmpireMöngke KhanÖgedei Khan

Question 7: 1333: Nitta Yoshisada conquers and destroys Kamakura during the Siege of Kamakura ending the ________.
Kenmu restorationKamakura shogunateShikkenHōjō clan

Question 8: ________ (Tokugawa)
Edo periodTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsuTokugawa shogunate

Question 9: Its leader, ________, demanded that the Japanese pay tribute to the new Yuan Dynasty and threatened reprisals if they failed to do so.
Mongol EmpireÖgedei KhanKublai KhanMöngke Khan

Question 10: More than 600 ships carried a combined Mongol, Chinese, and Korean force of 23,000 troops armed with ________, combustible missiles, and bows and arrows.

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