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Question 1:
What region does Kamakura, Kanagawa belong to?

Question 2: The ________ on the spot (see photo) reads:
Ming DynastyMegalithBritish MuseumStele

Question 3:
Who is the mayor of Kamakura, Kanagawa?

Question 4: Kamakura has many festivals (________ (祭り ?)) and other events in each of the seasons, usually based on its rich historical heritage.
Inari OkamiJapanese festivalsShintoShinto shrine

Question 5: He was in his turn defeated in Koshigoe by ________, who had come in force from Kyoto to help his brother[22][24].
Ashikaga YoshimitsuAshikaga TakaujiAshikaga YoshiakiraAshikaga Yoshimasa

Question 6: The volcanic eruption of ________ in January 1914, covered the city in ashes.
Santa María (volcano)SakurajimaMount VesuviusMount Unzen

Question 7: Kamakura-gū in Nikaidō, built on the spot where Prince Morinaga, son of Emperor Go-Daigo, was imprisoned and then beheaded by ________ in 1335.
Ashikaga TadayoshiKenmu restorationNanboku-chō periodKamakura, Kanagawa

Question 8:
What is the population density of Kamakura, Kanagawa (people per square kilometre)?

Question 9: Although Kamakura proper is today rather small, it is sometimes considered a former de facto capital of Japan as the seat of the Shogunate and of the Regency during the ________.
Muromachi periodNanboku-chō periodKamakura periodKenmu restoration

Question 10: Kamakura's defining feature is Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū, a ________ that is located in the heart of the city.
Shinto shrineShinto architectureInari OkamiTorii


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