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Kama: Quiz


Question 1: In Buddhism's Pali Canon, the Buddha renounced (________: nekkhamma) sensuality (kāma) en route to his Awakening.
Ashoka the GreatBuddhism by countrySanskritPali

Question 2: In ________ these eidola, called Pisachas, are much dreaded.
IndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok Sabha

Question 3:
When was the Kama?
January 2008
11th century

Question 4: In the Theosophy of ________, Kama is the fourth principle of the septenary, associated with emotions and desires, attachment to existence, volition, and lust.
Alice BaileyMaitreya (Theosophy)Helena BlavatskyCharles Webster Leadbeater

Question 5: It is associated with ________ of ancient Greeks and the Amenti of the Egyptians, the land of Silent Shadows; a division of the first group of the Trailõkya.
HadesGreek mythologyApolloHermes

Question 6: Kāma (Skt., Pali; ________: काम) is pleasure, sensual gratification, sexual fulfillment, pleasure of the senses, desire, eros, the aesthetic enjoyment of life in Sanskrit.
Gujarati scriptBrāhmī scriptMalayalam scriptDevanagari

Question 7: In ________, kāma is regarded as the third of the four goals of life (purusharthas): the others are duty (dharma), worldly status (artha) and salvation (moksha).
Indian religionsBuddhismAyyavazhiHinduism

Question 8: The Kamarupa (desire-form) is a "form" or ________ created of mental and physical desires and thoughts, a form that survives the death of the body.
Mental bodyPlane (esotericism)Subtle bodyEtheric body

Question 9: [3] The Buddhist lay practitioner recites daily the ________, the which is a commitment to abstain from "sexual misconduct" (kāmesu micchācāra).
Upāsaka and UpāsikāFive PreceptsUposathaNoble Eightfold Path

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