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Kalmar War: Quiz


Question 1: Sweden sought an alternative trade route through northern ________ to avoid paying Denmark's Sound Toll, and attempted to control the land route through sparsely populated Lapland.
NorwayGermanyUnited StatesPoland

Question 2: King Charles IX of Sweden ignored King ________ of Denmark and Norway’s protests.
Christian IV of DenmarkFrederick III of DenmarkFrederick II of DenmarkChristian III of Denmark

Question 3: A force of 6000 men laid siege on the city of ________, ultimately taking it.

Question 4: In 1607, ________ declared himself "King of the Lapps in Nordland" and began “collecting” taxes in Norwegian territory, even south of Tromsø.
Charles IX of SwedenSigismund III VasaGustavus Adolphus of SwedenJohn III of Sweden

Question 5: Denmark–Norway had dominion over the strait between the ________ and the North Sea.
English ChannelBlack SeaBaltic SeaArctic Ocean

Question 6: England and the ________ were also invested in the Baltic Sea trade, and pressured to curtail Denmark's power by ending the Kalmar War before a decisive victory could be attained.
Southern NetherlandsDutch RepublicBatavian RepublicEighty Years' War

Question 7: On October 20, King Charles IX of Sweden died and was succeeded by his son, ________.
Charles XI of SwedenSigismund III VasaGustavus Adolphus of SwedenCharles XII of Sweden


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