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Kalmar: Quiz


Question 1: After the ________ 1658 Kalmar's importance diminished, until the industry sector was initiated in the 19th century.
Second Northern WarTreaty of LabiauTreaty of Copenhagen (1660)Treaty of Roskilde

Question 2: The last was during the ________ in the 1670s, leading its sieges to a total of 22—yet, the castle was never taken.
Second Northern WarScanian WarGreat Northern WarSwedish Empire

Question 3: The oldest sources of there being a town are however from the ________.
12th century11th centuryIslamic Golden Age10th century

Question 4: After the ________ in 1658, the strategical importance of Kalmar gradually diminished as the borders were drawn to a southern latitude.
Second Northern WarTreaty of Copenhagen (1660)Treaty of LabiauTreaty of Roskilde

Question 5: ________ closed their factory for buildning cars i.e.
VolvoSwedbankEricssonScania (company)

Question 6: The company is now looking to fuel its future fleet with ________.
BiofuelBiodieselFood vs. fuelEthanol fuel

Question 7: ________, premier division football club from the city
Malmö FFAIK FotbollKalmar FFHelsingborgs IF

Question 8: In more recent times, Kalmar has been an industrial city with Kalmar Verkstad making ________, trains and large machinery, later bought by Bombardier.
Heat engineReciprocating engineStirling engineSteam engine

Question 9: the provinces of Blekinge, Halland and ________, were part of Denmark), and its harbour and merchancy, also involved it into several feuds.
JämtlandSwedenScaniaSwedish language

Question 10: ________ use low-energy sodium bulbs, and car dealers promote fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles.
Arc lampIncandescent light bulbStreet lightSodium-vapor lamp


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