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Kali Yuga: Quiz


Question 1: Hinduism often symbolically represents morality (________) as a bull.

Question 2: Some, such as Swami Sri Yukteswar,[2] ________,[3] and Paramhansa Yogananda[4] believe that it is now near the beginning of Dvapara Yuga.
David FrawleySwami VivekanandaSwami Dayananda SaraswatiA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Question 3: People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and ________ form the staple food source.

Question 4: Kali (Devanāgari: कलि) is the reigning lord of Kali Yuga and the nemesis of Sri ________, who is the tenth and final avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Question 5: ________ will be viewed as being socially acceptable, and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life, with the result that even 13 to 16-year old girls will get pregnant.

Question 6: A discourse by Markandeya in the ________ identifies some of the attributes of Kali Yuga:
Bhagavad GitaKrishnaKurukshetra WarMahabharata

Question 7: The Brahma Vaivarta Purana mentions a ten thousand year period during which ________ yogis will be present.
SamadhiJnana yogaBhagavad GitaBhakti

Question 8: In ________'s opinion, the cycle of Yugas is much like the four seasons.
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaSwami VivekanandaSwami Dayananda SaraswatiDavid Frawley

Question 9: This date is also considered by many Hindus to be the day that ________ died after being mortally wounded by an arrow.
Bhagavad GitaVyasaBalaramaKrishna

Question 10: Like Frawley, ________ maintains that we are currently in Dwapara Yuga.
GuruKali YugaSri Yukteswar GiriParamahansa Yogananda

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