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Kalevala: Quiz


Question 1: There was a Finnish ________ band called Kalevala in the seventies.
Music industryRecord producerProgressive rockRock music

Question 2: The Kalevala: Or Poems of the Kaleva District, translations by ________, ISBN 0-674-50010-5
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5FinlandFairy taleFrancis Peabody Magoun

Question 3: Rauta-Aika (1982), a mini series produced by ________.
YLEMTV3Raidió Teilifís ÉireannSveriges Television

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Kalevala have?
Member for Martin
Perkel graph
"Vaka vanha Vu00E4inu00E4mu00F6inen"
Mr. Chevy Celebrity

Question 5: The Finnish metal band ________ have based several concept albums on the Kalevala using the original translation as lyrics.
Silent Waters (album)Skyforger (album)Tales from the Thousand LakesAmorphis

Question 6: After the infant has witnessed sad details of Väinämöinen's own past and of Väinämöinen's own culpability, Ukko declares the young infant boy as the King of ________.
KareliaFinlandSortavalaKarelian Isthmus

Question 7: The last chapter, Son of Marjatta, is an allegory of ________ of Finland.
ChristianizationByzantine EmpireGermanic ChristianityCrusades

Question 8: The son of a tailor in the village of Sammatti, he entered the University in Turku (the successor of which is the ________) in 1822 and started his poem collection journeys in 1827.
Complutense University of MadridUniversity of LjubljanaUniversity of HelsinkiVilnius University

Question 9: Seppo Ilmarinen, a heroic artificer-smith (comparable to the Germanic Weyland and perhaps the Greek ________) crafted the sky dome, the Sampo and more.
MinosDaedalusApolloGreek mythology

Question 10: Of these, about 1,250,000 have been published; some 500,000 remain unpublished in the archives of the Finnish Literature Society and the collections in ________ and the Republic of Karelia and other parts of Russia.


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