Kalachakra: Quiz

Question 1: The Kalachakra thus passed directly to ________, where it was held exclusively for hundreds of years.
ShambhalaChögyam TrungpaBönTibetan Buddhism

Question 2: Amaravati, ________, India in January 2006.
MangalagiriGuntur districtHyderabad, IndiaGuntur

Question 3: A strong emphasis on Kalachakra practice and exposition of the Shentong view were the principal distinguishing characteristics of the Jonang school that traces its roots to ________.
5th Dalai LamaDolpopa Sherab GyaltsenDalai LamaKagyu

Question 4: The fourth chapter explains the actual meditation practices themselves, both the meditation on the mandala and its deities in the generation stage practices, and the perfection or completion stage practices of the ________.
DzogchenVajrayanaSix Yogas of NaropaKagyu

Question 5: Naropa), the abbot of ________ University, a great center of Buddhist thought at that time.
RajgirBodh GayaNalandaVaishali (ancient city)

Question 6: Nadapada established the teachings as legitimate in the eyes of the Nalanda community, and initiated into the Kālachakra such masters as ________ (who, in turn, initiated the Kālachakra master Pindo Acharya (Tib.
AtishaTibetan BuddhismNaropaMarpa Lotsawa

Question 7: The Kalachakra deity represents a Buddha and thus ________.
GodFree willOmnipotenceOmniscience

Question 8: Dawa Sangpo) of the Kingdom of Shambhala requested teaching from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the ________ without renouncing his worldly enjoyments and responsibilities.

Question 9: Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche performed Kalachakra initiations and build Kalachakra stupa in Karma Guen buddhist center in southern ________.

Question 10: It is the main tantric practice for the ________ school, which persists to this day with a small number of monasteries in eastern Tibet.
14th Dalai LamaTibetan BuddhismVajrayanaJonang

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Kalachakra)