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Question 1: Such seawater intrusion would literally turn vast areas of Sindh's coast into an arid saline desert, and destroy Sindh's coastal ________.
Neotropic ecozoneMontane grasslands and shrublandsMangroveDeserts and xeric shrublands

Question 2: He said due to the "opposition from NWFP, ________ and other stakeholders, the project was no longer feasible".
KarachiSindhPakistanPunjab (Pakistan)

Question 3: The coastal regions of Sindh require a constant flow of water down the Indus into the ________ so that the flowing water can keep the seawater from intruding inland.
Arabian SeaLaccadive SeaPalk StraitIndian Ocean

Question 4: The annual outflow of water into the ________ is considered a "waste" in Punjab, which feels that water can be used to irrigate infertile lands.
Palk StraitIndian OceanLaccadive SeaArabian Sea

Question 5: Punjab wants not just Kalabagh, but also two more large dams on the Indus, at Bhasha and ________/Katzarah.

Question 6: Silt deposited in the proposed Kalabagh dam would further curtail the water storage capacity of Manchar Lake and other ________ and of wetlands like Haleji Lake.
VolcanoGreat LakesEndorheic basinLake

Question 7: In December 2005, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, announced that he would build the dam in the larger interest of ________.

Question 8: The ________ has two main objections to the dam:
North-West Frontier ProvincePakistanPeshawarPunjab (Pakistan)

Question 9: The Kalabagh dam was a large water reservoir that the ________ was planning to develop across the Indus River, one of the world's largest rivers.
Foreign relations of PakistanPolitics of PakistanConstitution of PakistanGovernment of Pakistan

Question 10: The abrupt way in which President ________ announced the decision to build the dam, overruling the objections of the smaller states, has polarised public opinion.
Abdul Qadeer KhanPervez MusharrafMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqAyub Khan


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