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Kaffir lime: Quiz


Question 1: In the 2007 motion picture No Reservations, Catherine Zeta-Jones' character (Kate, a chef) uses kaffir lime leaves as the secret ingredient in her ________ sauce recipe.

Question 2:
What family does Kaffir lime belong to?

Question 3:
What is the binomial authority of Kaffir lime?

Question 4:
What is the binomial of Kaffir lime?
Citrus x hystrix
Litsea scortechinii
Parabuteo unicinctus
Claoxylon australe

Question 5: ________ makes a ready-to-drink mojito flavored with Kaffir lime.
House of FabergéArarat (brandy)Steinway & SonsSmirnoff

Question 6: The juice is generally regarded as too acidic to use in food preparation, but finds use as a cleanser for clothing and hair, mainly in ________.
ThailandCambodiaPapua New GuineaMalaysia

Question 7: The zest of the fruit is widely used in creole cuisine and to impart flavor to "arranged" rums in the Réunion island and ________.
MaldivesMozambiqueSaint HelenaMadagascar

Question 8: China: 箭叶橙 jiàn yè chéng (Mandarin), Thài-kok-kam (________/Min Nan)
Amoy dialectHokkienTaiwanese HokkienTeochew dialect

Question 9: The leaves are also popular in Indonesian cuisine (especially Balinese and Javanese), for foods such as sayur asam - literally sour vegetables, and are also used along with Indonesian ________ for chicken and fish.
GarlicDysphania ambrosioidesBay leafClove

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